The following terms, conditions and specifications apply to all advertisements and branded content served by or appearing on all websites owned and operated by Pink Triangle Press (“PTP”).


  • A PTP-issued insertion order or advertising contract specifying the costs and advertising media being purchased must be signed by the Client prior to the launch of the advertising campaign. A verbal commitment will not be recognized unless contained in a written insertion order or advertising contract.
  • As it is difficult to precisely forecast ad impression availability at any given time, a plus or minus (+/-) 5% variance from total booked ad impressions to the actual ad impressions delivered will not be charged or reimbursed by PTP.


  • PTP reserves the right to request changes to or to reject advertising which, at PTP’s sole discretion, it finds unsuitable for publication. Client agrees that a request to modify or a rejection of advertising content will not constitute invalidation of this Agreement.
  • PTP reserves the right to refuse or remove any advertising that PTP determines, at its sole discretion, to contain false, deceptive, misleading, or illegal content, or content that is inconsistent with or may bring disparagement, harm to reputation, or other damage to PTP, its brands or its products.
  • All advertising content must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content. To that end, PTP may, at its sole discretion, label an advertisement with the word “Advertisement” to make clear the distinction between editorial content and advertising.
  • PTP will not allow any relationship with a Client to compromise the editorial integrity of PTP’s journalism content.


  • Advertising rates and any applicable discounts are only confirmed upon receipt by PTP of a signed insertion order or advertising contract from the Client that has been issued or pre-approved by PTP.
  • Discounts are only applicable to the insertion order or advertising contract they appear on and are not guaranteed for any future insertion orders, advertising contracts, or media campaigns.
  • Advertising placed through third-party advertisers or ad networks are not eligible for discounted rates.
  • Discounts are extended at PTP’s sole discretion and the rates and any discounts contained in an insertion order or advertising contract are strictly confidential between PTP and the Client; any breach of such confidentiality may result in the revocation of any rate discount and shall not otherwise relieve the Client of their remaining obligations under this Agreement or insertion order.


  • Client agrees to indemnify, defend, protect, save and hold harmless PTP, from and against any and all claims, actions, suits, liabilities, judgments, obligations, losses, penalties, expenses or damages (including without limitation, reasonable outside legal fees and expenses) of whatsoever kind and nature imposed on, incurred by or asserted against any of PTP and its affiliated companies, their respective members, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, and representatives, and each of their respective heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors and permitted assigns, arising out of any breach of any representation, warranty, covenant or obligation made by the Client pursuant to this Agreement, or otherwise arising out of the publication of any copy, text, artwork, logos, photographs, illustrations or other material {the “Materials”) provided by the Client.
  • It is the Client’s responsibility to check all posted advertising within 48 hours of the campaign start date on our website(s) and to notify PTP immediately in writing of any errors and/or omissions.
  • Insertion orders and advertising contracts must be completed within one year from the original start date of campaign, unless otherwise authorized by PTP. There will be no refunds on unused or expired portions of insertion orders or advertising contracts.
  • If a third-party organization or agency is entering into this Agreement on behalf of a Client, such third-party or agency shall be jointly and severally responsible for all obligations and amounts owing in accordance with the insertion order or advertising contract. Each such third-party or agency represents and warrants that it has full authority to act on the Client’s behalf.


  • Pre-payment (credit card, certified cheque, money order or cash) is required of all Clients prior to publication of advertising unless and until a signed and completed PTP Credit Application is submitted for approval and credit is established. If credit is approved, payment must be received within fifteen (15) days of publication. If requested, invoices must be accompanied by one (1) screenshot per ad.


  • Accounts which remain unpaid after fifteen (15) days will be subject to a two percent (2%) service charge per month. Failure to pay within fifteen (15) days of publication will result in suspension of credit. Administration fees due on cancellation shall be subject to the same monthly service charge.


  • It is the Client’s responsibility to deliver materials in the correct size and technical specifications 24 hours prior to the campaign start date or earlier if specified by its account representative. PTP cannot guarantee timely publication of material received after the deadline.
  • It is the responsibility of the Client to manage any subsequent copy change requirements and inform their PTP account representative of those copy changes. In the event that no copy changes are made, PTP will continue to run existing ads in accordance with the original deadlines and duration(s) stipulated in the insertion order or advertising contract.



  • Display ad sizes:
    • Big Box 300 x 250 – Mobile & Desktop
    • Half Page 300 x 600 – Mobile & Desktop
    • Leaderboard 728 x 90 – Desktop Only
  • Banner ad file sizes not to exceed 200KB
  • Acceptable Files
    • GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5
  • Static Ad Submission
    • Creative with a white background must have a minimum of 1-pixel border to differentiate ad from editorial content
  • Animation
    • :15 maximum or 3 times looping maximum – :05 per loop. Maximum frame rate is 24 fps. We do accept flash for mobile ads.
  • Video
    • Auto play with no sound or user initiated. Must include audio on/off and video stop/play/pause buttons. The last frame of animation must include “stop()” in action script.


  • Logo
    • Must be in PNG, AI, EPS or PDF version files. JPG version file contains flat WHITE BACKGROUND colour.
  • Image/Photo
    • Original image size. No smaller than 700px width/height
    • Embed images in working file (see below) or send individually
  • Working Files
    • Original working files in PSD, AI, EPS or PDF version.
  • Font
    • Package/send every font with working files if there are any text/copy changes. Otherwise created outline in every text/copy
  • All ad copy or artwork created by PTP, on behalf of the Client, remains the property of PTP and the Client does not have the rights to re-use or repurpose the ad copy or artwork for any other purpose unless authorized by PTP.
    • At PTP’s sole discretion, the Client may purchase the ad copy or artwork at a price to be determined by PTP for time (based on current hourly rates contained in PTP’s applicable media kit, and any applicable cost of materials such as imagery). In the event PTP does not own the copyright to any materials included in the ad copy or artwork, it is the Client’s responsibility to secure or purchase any such necessary rights.


  • Client hereby represents and warrants that the Client owns all intellectual property rights (including copyright) in and to the Materials provided to PTP (or has otherwise properly licensed the right(s) to use the Materials in accordance with the terms of this Agreement), and that the Materials will not infringe upon any copyright or any other proprietary or other right of any third party.


  • Should PTP make an error which materially affects the value of an advertisement (to be determined at the sole discretion of PTP), an adjustment may be made. Errors and/or omissions must be reported by the Client to PTP in writing within 48 hours of the campaign start date to qualify for any such “make good”. Maximum credit to be granted by PTP to make good any defect in the Client’s posted advertisement, however caused, is one hundred percent (100%) of the value of the affected advertisement for the period of time it was live on the site (i.e. total impressions accumulated) before being corrected, up to but not exceeding forty-eight (48) hours after the campaign launch.


  • This Agreement may be cancelled at any time by either party, however the Client shall remain liable for the cost of all advertising delivered up to the date of cancellation. In the event the Client cancels this Agreement, PTP reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of ten percent (10%) of the value of the remaining campaign, and the Client agrees to pay such fee within fifteen (15) days of such cancellation. Cancellation of this Agreement by the Client must be in writing and receipt confirmed in writing by a PTP representative.


  • Client and PTP agree that this Agreement contains the whole understanding of the parties and supersedes and replaces all other oral or written representations regardless of the originating party, and that this Agreement cannot be amended, modified or supplemented in any respect except by subsequent written agreement signed by both parties thereto
  • Client authorizes PTP to display the Client’s name and logo (with trademarks, if applicable), on an advertising sales promotional section of the applicable PTP website


  • Xtra will occasionally run content that is paid for by the Client. This content is labelled “Paid Post” and includes details of who paid for it.
  • Similar to advertising that appears on PTP websites, PTP may refuse or remove any Branded Content that PTP determines, at its sole discretion, to contain false, deceptive, misleading, or illegal content, or content that is inconsistent with or may bring disparagement, harm to reputation, or other damage to PTP, its brands or its products.
  • Branded Content published on PTP websites and platforms is separate from our editorial content and activities. For this reason, Branded Content is created using outsourced freelancers for the following activities, but not limited to:
    • Editing
    • Writing
    • Art Direction
    • Photography/Imagery
    • Videography

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